Green Books N Binders Launches Low-Carb Binder™

Changing Age-Old Information Packaging Technology

LANGHORNE, Pa. – April 21, 2010 – Sustainable web-to-print company, Green Books N Binders, unveiled the Low-Carb Binder™ at the On Demand Trade show in Philadelphia this week. The patent-pending Low-Carb Binder is a technology breakthrough that is made from 98% recycled material and is fully recyclable. It transforms industry standards in its ability to ship flat, reducing cost and fossil fuel associated with distribution and storage.

Binders are used daily by businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, the production, distribution, storage and recycling of binders remains inefficient and harmful to the environment. Traditional binders combine cardboard pieces wrapped in vinyl and clear overlay. Permanently riveted to a metal ring mechanism, they ship pre-assembled in oversized packaging resulting in exorbitant shipping costs. Stored in warehouses and office supplies closets, where real estate cost is a premium, binders eventually end up in landfills as it is nearly impossible to recycle their various components. Overall the process is inadequate, especially for a product that is used daily by every business.

The Low-Carb Binder™ addresses all of these issues and more. This ground-breaking product is made of recycled material and is fully recyclable. Low-Carb Binders ship flat and are designed to be easily assembled when needed, thanks to a snap-in fastener securing the recycled metal ring mechanism to the vinyl-free base. Disposal is done by simply snipping the fastener, freeing the metal from the chipboard so each piece can be recycled individually.

“The Low-Carb Binder is a technology breakthrough that will change the industry standard as we know it,” says Kate Elion, President. “It addresses all of the major issues associated with traditional binders and helps businesses maximize their triple bottom line. We are delivering a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to an age-old issue.”

The Low-Carb Binder™ is customizable and available in a variety of colors. It can be purchased from the Green Books N Binders website at

About Green Books N Binders

Green by design, Green Books N Binders provides sustainable print solutions for businesses. Headquartered in Langhorne, PA, the web-based company is dedicated to providing eco-friendly printing for businesses while minimizing environmental impact. Green Books N Binders is active in the local eco-community, and is a member of the Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia. Additional information can be found at


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