Green is a necessity, Not an option

A new study from Johnson Controls examines the factors in the workplace that matter most to employees. The result? Sustainability. According to this report, Gen Y’ers  want to see their employers going further to implement more green initiatives into the everyday office. Oxygenz explains,

“We know the Generation Y will be the generation to carry the load of years of environmental damages and neglect. They are embracing sustainability and the Generation Z, the generation that will follow Generation Y, are even more modeled around the concept of sustainability. The results reflect this new way of living with 96% of the 18-25 years old aspire to work in a greener office against 98% of the 26-35 years old. Actually the 26-35 years old are far more focused on environmental issues than the 18-25 years old with 67% who want their workplace to be environmentally friendly, i.e. well above regulatory compliance, against 57% for the 18-25 years old.”

This signals a great turn in the attitudes of the up and coming generations. Customers aren’t the only ones demanding more eco-friendly practices and products – employees are too. This rising concern means businesses will have to (to some degree) comply with these requests to attract and retain young talent. Something as simple as including recycling bins, sharing printers or going vinyl free can drastically reduce a company’s carbon footprint – and show your company’s commitment with little to no added cost. Sustainability in the workplace is increasingly becoming a necessity, not an option, and this report shows just how important it is.

See the full report.


2 Responses

  1. Incredibly awesome post! Really!

  2. Incredibly awesome post! Really!

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