Where does your vinyl go?

Binders are used every day by businesses of all sizes. They typically are used until they begin to fall apart at which point they are no longer useful. When the vinyl cracks or rips or the rings lose strength, it’s time to replace your binder – so what do you do with the old one? Most likely you toss it in your office wastebasket, not thinking about the ramifications of that action. When vinyl binders are thrown into a regular wastebasket, they will end up in a landfill. Since PVC is known to be one of the “worst” plastics for the environment and is not biodegradable, those vinyl binders will sit in that landfill, causing environmental damage for years to come.

Of course there is the alternative to recycle your vinyl binder, but have you ever tried? It would include a laborious process of ripping vinyl off three (yes, three) separate pieces of cardboard, and attempting to remove metal rings which were riveted with a machine (i.e. not intended for removal). And then the question arises of what to do with the vinyl once you’ve removed it. Who has the time, energy or patience to do that?

Vinyl binders are harmful to the environment and difficult to recycle and until now they were the only option for looseleaf paperwork or presentations.

Enter the Low-Carb Binder™.

The Low-Carb Binder is an innovative product that simplifies not only the production process of binders, but perhaps more importantly, the recycling process. Made of 100% recycled chipboard and recyclable metal rings that can be attached upon receipt, the Low-Carb Binder changes the face of binders forever. They ship flat, are designed for easy disposal and can be customized to fit any brand with unique (and eco-friendly) spine wraps and labels. And you’re not sacrificing quality – Low-Carb Binders are just as durable as those harmful vinyl binders you’re currently using. See for yourself. Order a sample.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Go Low-Carb today.


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