Do you know the facts?

The Millcraft Group (Cleveland, OH) created an educational website devoted to raising awareness about the benefits of print, for both the environment and business. As we all know, there are many misconceptions and falsities circulating about the effectiveness and sustainability of print and this website does a great job of communicating the facts. See some excerpts below.


Print Pays Off

Print drives higher ROI

Direct mail gives advertisers a 13-1 return (DMA)

Eight out of 10 households (79%) say they either read or scan the advertising mail sent to their homes

51% of consumers say traditional mail is their preferred method of contact (CMO Council)

Response rate for email marketing has fallen by 57% since 2004, but response rate from direct mail has risen 14% (IP)

Print is Sustainable

For every tree harvested in the U.S., three trees are planted (source AF&PA)

Paper is one of the most recycled products used in the U.S.

Total recovery rate for all paper in US was more than 63% in 2009, 340 pounds per capita.

Paper made from 30% PCW used 10% less energy to make, produces 25% less waste water and 6% less greenhouse gas emissions. Each ton conserves about 15 trees. (Environmental Defense Paper Calculator)


Find more facts and information about how Print is Good at


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