Green Your Recycling

Recycling is important and helps ensure a long-lasting, healthy environment for years to come. And we should all do our part to recycle our products, whatever they may be, after we’re done using them. But what about considering recyclability from the top down – before we purchase these items?

Here are 5 things to look for to “green” your recycling:

1. Buy Recycled!

Try to buy products that are already recycled or contain some content of Post Consumer Waste. It’s not as hard as it may seem, many products you already buy (such as Low-Carb binders, cereal boxes or aluminum cans) likely contain some percent of recycled material.

2. Decipher between pre- and post-consumer waste. 

Both are good, but choosing the product with the highest post-consumer waste content best supports recycling efforts and programs.

3. Differentiate Recycled from Recyclable.

A recycled product is made from recycled material; a recyclable product is one that can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle. Purchasing something that is recycled already helps the environment, whereas a recyclable product is only meaningful if you actually intend to recycle it properly.

4. Get the Numbers.

For plastics, check the resin number to ensure they can be thrown in your basic curbside recycling bin before you buy.

5. Evaluate ease of recyclability.

Can all the pieces of the product be recycled together, or will you have to take it apart and recycle the pieces separately? (If you will need to take it apart, make sure it’s something you’re willing to do!)

Keeping these simple tips in mind during your next shopping trip is a great way to help the environment and even “green” your purchases. As you can see it takes little extra effort to do what’s right for the environment – and yourself!


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  1. Its better to go for recyclable products ,if you really serious about recycling them properly,try to recycle some products yourself.Also if you just want to make your contribution toward go green revolution than buy recycled products,you will get them at some less price also.

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