What is your company’s carbon footprint?

The environment is a huge topic of conversation lately. With the disaster going on in the Gulf, there is suddenly a huge spotlight on corporate responsibility. With these issues comes the topic of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), which are believed to be a huge cause of climate change. There are many ways companies are trying to do “the right thing” by reducing their carbon dioxide emissions, but the question remains: What can your company do to reduce its carbon footprint?

1. Choose the “right” suppliers.

As mentioned above, many corporations are focusing on sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. When you make a conscious effort to buy products from these types of companies you are thereby reducing your company’s carbon footprint as well. Doing a little research to make sure you are buying from suppliers focused on the “right thing” can make a big difference.

2. Buy local.

When you are purchasing products, whether it is paper, postcards or binders, try to find products that are produced locally. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also support local businesses, both of which are great for the environment and economy!

3. Stay eco-conscious.

Reducing energy consumption in your daily activities can also make a difference. Something as simple as turning your monitor and lights off when you’re in  a long meeting, or shutting down your computer at night will drastically reduce your and your company’s carbon footprint while at the same time cutting costs – your CFO will love you for it!

There are many ways to reduce your carbon footprint with little effort and much of it is just staying aware of how your actions and decisions affect the environment. Keep in mind that the products you purchase and use every day add something to your carbon footprint so choose wisely!


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