Green Books N Binders Receives National Recognition for Offering “Low-Carb” Binder Solutions for Businesses

Jerome Elion accepts the WhatTheyThink Environmental Innovation Award.


LANGHORNE, PA – June 2, 2010 — Sustainable web-to-print company, Green Books N Binders announced today that the technology breakthrough Low-Carb Binder™ has won the “Beyond Environmental Sustainability” award in the 2010 Environmental Innovation Awards. Presented by WhatTheyThink and Unisource, this award recognizes a leading-edge solution or initiative involving unique creativity.  

“We received more than 50 applications for the second annual WhatTheyThink Environmental Innovation Awards. The Low-Carb Binder is a great concept that reduces waste throughout the product life cycle. Clearly Green Books and Binders went beyond certification and compliance to create a unique solution to a common problem,” says Gail Nickel-Kailing, Managing Editor, WhatTheyThink Going Green.  

The WhatTheyThink Environmental Innovation Awards took place in Atlanta, GA, on May 18, 2010. The patent-pending Low-Carb Binder is a ground-breaking binder made from 98% recycled material. Low-Carb Binders ship flat and are designed to be easily assembled when needed, thanks to a snap-in fastener securing the recycled metal ring mechanism to the vinyl-free base. Disposal is done by simply snipping the fastener and freeing the metal from the chipboard, so each piece can be recycled individually, thereby reducing the binder’s “carbon footprint”.  

“Receiving the Beyond Environmental Sustainability award is a great honor for Green Books N Binders,” says Kate Elion, President. “Beyond the recognition for our innovative work, the award is a milestone in our effort to communicate to businesses that taking a step as simple as changing binder usage has a significant impact on the environment. Contrary to most sustainable programs, no investment is required for companies to immediately reduce their carbon footprint. ”  

The Low-Carb Binder is customizable and available in a variety of colors and styles. It can be purchased from the Green Books N Binders website at  

In the above photo are: (Left to Right): Allan Dragone, CEO Unisource, Tom Wright, Neenah Paper, Jerome Elion, VP Marketing, Green Books N Binders, Randy Davidson, CEO, WhatTheyThink , James Dunn, President Heidelberg USA, Steven DeVoe, GM, New Page


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