Sustainability Pays Off

There is a widespread belief that ‘green’ products must cost more. In many cases this is true and recycled products are often priced higher than their more environmentally harmful counterparts.

So why is this? It is not always because a recycled product costs more to produce (in fact, in some cases it is the opposite). The reason is because ‘green’ products are touted as a more responsible choice (in essence, a better offer), and with this perception of value comes the ideology that it must cost more.

Since an eco-friendly product contains this perceived added value, many companies know that consumers will be willing to pay a premium for these “better” products – which they do.

However, when talking about print, this is just the opposite. Printing sustainably is often more affordable and reduces costs, usage and energy, thereby allowing for more competitive pricing. 

Herein lies the problem: How does one change the broad misperception that ‘green’ products always cost more? Education through advertising is one way. Competitive pricing is another. At Green Books N Binders, we do both. We always compare our prices to non-recycled counterparts and have found that in some instances, our costs are typically the same (if not lower!) than these products.

It is always a struggle to get consumers to believe that you can go green, and save green at the same time – but it is actually true – just take a look at our product lines!


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