Green Your Holiday Weekend

With Labor Day weekend coming up, it is the time of year to celebrate the end of summer (and back to school for some!) And what’s the best way to do this? With a barbeque of course! Check out our 5 tips below on how to “green” your Labor Day Weekend

(p.s. – it’s easier than you think!)

1. Waste Not.
Instead of stocking your cooler full of bottled water, canned soda and other drinks, set out pitchers of similar beverages such as water, homemade lemonade or punch. It reduces your waste tremendously AND is a healthier option than soda and processed drinks.

2. Use recycling bins.
With outdoor BBQs, it is second nature to simply set up one trash can and have everyone throw all their garbage into it. This year, take a different approach by placing several recycling bins in various locations. Make sure they’re visible and clearly marked so your guests can responsibly dispose of their waste.

3. Make your mark!
When giving out disposable cups for beverages, have markers handy so your guests can mark their cups with their first name. It will reduce the amount of cups you use as there will be no confusion as to whose cup you grabbed and will also allow for more uses of each cup – it’s a win-win!

4. Choose wisely.
When shopping for your disposable “dishes” (and even cutlery) look for products that are recycled and biodegradable. Like our recycled binders, many eco-friendly paper products are available at a comparable price point.

5. Be frugal.
Instead of spending money on Labor Day decorations, use items that can be re-used. For example, arranging lemons or limes in a decorative bowl (or vase) and placing on tables makes for a great summery decoration. Better yet, these decorations won’t break the bank AND can be saved for later use. Not only is it eco-friendly, it’s wallet-friendly too!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend and remembers these tips while they’re enjoying the last moments of summer. We’ll be back next week with more green print content. See you then!


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