Conservation & Business: Recycled Vs. Never Used

From the various bubbles we have experienced comes an understanding there is a better way. In a society where “more is better,” we are facing a new paradigm. We can reduce consumption immensely by combining more meaningful usage of resources with more targeted communications. In doing so, we are able to achieve results formerly attainable only through mass production.

The careful selection of resources associated with On Demand Print Technology allows Green Books ‘N Binders to achieve greater results per piece, only producing:

• relevant material,
• when needed,
• for the quantity needed,
• only for users who will need it.

If you can do this for the same cost or less, and reduce the volume of printed material used, then you choose not to use!

The benefits in choosing not to use are truly endless. They include not only achieving business goals effectively, but also reducing usage and carbon footprint while at the same time lowering overall cost. This solution also reduces the energy needed to produce, distribute, and store all of the unnecessary printed material. Last, there is no need to require any further freight or energy to recycle what was over-printed, or became outdated as information changed. It is a vicious cycle, so put an end to it. Producing only what you need, when you need it, goes a long way.

Choosing not to use also reduces your cash tied into unnecessary inventory; your CFO will love you for it!