What is Sustainability?

A few months ago, in April 2010, Green Books N Binders exhibited at the On Demand Trade Show in Philadelphia. One of the first questions we were asked is “What does sustainability mean?” Surprised by such a seemingly basic question, we then spoke to the client a little longer and came to the realization – many companies use this term but how many can truly define it?

In looking up a specific definition, I found that there are many (which could be part of the confusion), one of which is the “capacity for being continued1”. With the environment being such a huge issue for corporations, sustainability is often used to describe many actions, whether or not it truly fits.

So the question inevitably arises: what does sustainability really mean? Companies across the country have varying views on the answer (as is evidenced by the numerous definitions found), and with that comes ever-changing points of view.

For us, sustainability involves:

Taking into account the impact of our products and operations on people, planet and profit (the triple bottom line), and ensuring that we use renewable resources and minimize (or offset) the environmental impact of our daily operations.

We strive to build products that will have little to no negative impact on the environment in order to maximize the triple bottom line and keep natural resources viable and thriving for future generations.

At GBB, sustainability is a way of business. So tell us, what does sustainability mean to you??

Leave a comment and let us know.

1 www.nrcan-rncan.gc.ca/mms-smm/abor-auto/htm/kit-toc/kit-glo-eng.htm


ON DEMAND 2010: It’s a wrap!

We had a great time this past week at the ON DEMAND Expo and Conference held in Philadelphia, PA. We got an excellent response to our new product launches and had the opportunity to connect with some great professionals who share our passion for eco-friendly printing. While there, we discovered our newest product, the Low-Carb Binders™ won the What They Think “Beyond Environmental Sustainability” award which we luckily got to share with all of our booth visitors. Overall, the show was a huge success and we want to thank everyone who came out!

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