Plant your Print

Twitter has been abuzz the past few days with multiple tweets and re-tweets (and re-re-tweets?) of the newest trend in sustainable publishing: a book you can plant. Yes, you read right, plantable print.

Novelist James Kaelan’s first book, We’re Getting On, is making the rounds (and quite a stir) in the eco-community. What is so remarkable is that the cover is manufactured with birch seed paper, allowing the reader to plant the cover back into the earth when they are done with it. Pretty neat.

This takes sustainability and recycling a step further than ever before, where the novel is not simply recycled and made into new paper, but is actually offsetting its own carbon footprint and helping the earth to grow stronger – from the ground up. Could you imagine the ecological impact if every book was made like this?

To add to this inherently eco-friendly message, TreeHugger reports that the author is doing his book tour by bicycle – yes you read that right too. Appropriately naming it the “Zero Emissions Tour”, Kaelan is going to ride a bike through 22 towns (1900 miles) in 40 days from Los Angeles to Vancouver.  His reasoning for this unusual promotion?

“…he recognises that it is difficult to be carbon free in the manufacturing of the book, no matter how hard one tries. So he wants to make the promotional part as emission free as he can. He will be staying at organic farms and eating vegan power bars…”

So the big question remains: do you keep the book on the shelf or plant the cover? Only time will tell…

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