Get Down to Earth with International Paper

Thanks to International Paper’s new website, now anyone can access their acclaimed Down to EarthTM brochures. This informative series outlines various topics concerning green printing, and debunks many of the myths that have plagued the print industry for far too long.

For example, did you know using more paper actually promotes reforestation? And that by reducing paper usage, you are actually increasing the risk of replacement by development?

According to Teri Shanahan, IP’s VP of Commercial Printing, the reasoning behind creating this series was simple:

“Our customers and the public deserve to know the truth about paper products. They are bombarded with misleading and false information every day. Our goal is to provide facts so people can feel great about their environmentally friendly choices, especially paper.” (See International Paper’s full press release:

Get all the facts, plus tips and tricks by downloading the Down to Earth series here:

The current issues are:

Is it worth printing?
How does using paper lead to more trees?
How do labels and logos benefit you?
Are pixels greener than paper?
How big is your carbon footprint?
Is recycled paper the best you can do?
Where does your paper come from?